Rehabilitation Department


Established in 1989, it is one of the earliest established children's rehabilitation departments in China. It now has a skilled medical team with a total of 47 medical staff, including 2 chief physicians and 3 associate chief physicians. Among them,2 are doctors and 12 are masters. The person in charge of the department has visited the well-known children's rehabilitation institutions in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.

As the deputy leader unit of the Rehabilitation Group of the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the executive director unit of the Child Rehabilitation Special Committee of the Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine Association, the deputy chairman unit of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Branch of the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association, key subject unit of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine (Combine Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine) the only recognized provincial child disability prevention base in Zhejiang Province, the department has long been committed to prevention and rehabilitation of pediatrics disease including children's neurodevelopmental disorders (cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, etc.), osteoarthropathy, neuromuscular disease, etc. In addition, the department is equipped with standardized rehabilitation clinics, rehabilitation assessment, physical therapy, special education and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and the comprehensive strength of it ranks in the forefront of the country.

The department has a rehabilitation evaluation and intervention system covering the all-round area, and promotes the research of new rehabilitation technologies with innovative thinking, such as computer capture technology for infant whole body movement, virtual reality technology, etc., so that the rehabilitation medical diagnosis and treatment in this discipline has reached a new level.


(1) Diagnosis and rehabilitation of children's movement disorders: motor retardation, cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder; brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve injury; muscular torticollis; bone and joint diseases; hereditary neuromuscular diseases (DMD, SMA, CMT, etc.); hemophilia, etc.

(2) Developmental assessment and early intervention of premature infants and high-risk newborns;

(3) Early diagnosis, intervention and follow-up of autism spectrum disorder;

(4) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder behavior management and guidance;

(5) Evaluation and treatment of intellectual developmental disorders: intellectual disability, general backward development, mental retardation;

(6) Systematic evaluation and comprehensive intervention of sensory integration disorder;

(7) Behavioral intervention for specific learning disabilities (writing, dyslexia, etc.);

(8) Diagnosis and rehabilitation of communication disorders: dysphonia, delayed language development, stuttering, etc.

(9) Comprehensive treatment of intractable tics.

Professional Features

With the core concept of “6F: Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends, Friends, and Future”, the department focuses on the advantages of Western rehabilitation medicine and is committed to creating a standardized rehabilitation system that meets the developmental characteristics of children. Relying on the advanced genetic sequencing technology of the hospital and the rehabilitation assessment system covering the all-round area of the department such as Griffiths, Wisdom IQ (WISC-III), ADOS, PEP-3, GMs, surface EMG and event-related potential, the department carries out accurate rehabilitation diagnosis and evaluation, carries out treatments in the areas of sports, work, cognition, language and social behavior, with “remodeling” as the goal of rehabilitation, carries out premature infants with immature neurological assessment and intervention, early diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ESDM parent-child courses, PRT, DIR, TEACCH, ABA, PLAY and other advanced rehabilitation courses at home and abroad), Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder behavior management (CBT, BPT), botulinum toxin A injection treatment, etc. and equips special clinics for stunting, language rehabilitation, learning disabilities, etc.

The department attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation. It has conducted extensive exchanges and cooperation with related departments in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with frequent personnel exchanges and active academic exchanges. It has established a long-term and in-depth cooperative relationship with the Department of Speech and Pathology at Loma Linda University in the United States, introducing advanced autism behavior intervention technology in the United States to further improve the level of rehabilitation.


In recent years, the main research direction of the department is the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders in children and the construction of precision rehabilitation system. In-depth cooperation has been established with many well-known domestic universities and colleges such as Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Normal University.

The department has chaired and participated in 1 13th Five-Year Major Project , 1  national fund, more than 10 provincial fund projects, won 4 Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Awards, published more than 60 papers in SCI and domestic core journals. At present, it is undertaking the key special project of the 13th Five-Year National Key R & D Program “Prevention and Control Research on Major Chronic Non-communicable Diseases”-Early Identification and Comprehensive Intervention of Children's Brain Development Disorders and the “Double Brain Project” of Zhejiang University.

The department participated in the preparation of professional teaching materials such as Child Rehabilitation Science, Physical Therapy Technology for Children's Diseases, Child Critical Rehabilitation Science, etc. and in the formulation of guidelines and expert consensus in many domestic professional fields. In addition, by sponsoring high-level professional technical learning classes and recruiting personnel from inside and outside the province, the department has trained and transported a large number of children's rehabilitation professionals, and further promoted the construction of a three-level rehabilitation network in Zhejiang province.

Expert Team

No. Name Academic Rank


Li Haifeng

Chief Physician


Zhou Xuejuan

Chief Physician


Yu Yonglin

Associate Chief Physician

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