Clinical Nutrition Department


Clinical Nutrition Department was founded in 2014 based on the increasing demands on clinical nutrition support. Through the study of the management philosophy and clinical technology of nutrition in developed countries in Europe and America, the department is able to conduct a comprehensive nutritional status assessment, nutrition diagnosis, and formulate reasonable nutritional plans for children with nutritional risks, including parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition, therapeutic diet support, etc. By the utilization of personalized nutritional preparations and formulas, the children will be given various balanced nutrients in the optimal way to improve the nutritional status of them,enhance the function of each organ, improve immunity ,ensure successful treatment of the primary diseases, reduce the incidence of related complications significantly, shorten the hospital stay and promote normal growth and development of children.  Currently, there are 1 chief physician, 2 attending physicians, and 3 dietitians in the department, 4 of whom are qualified as registered dietitians. There are more than 3,000 consultations and more than 7,500 outpatient visits per year.


(1) Independently diagnose and treat patients with primary malnutrition caused by improper feeding, picky eating, anorexia, etc.

(2) Diagnose and treat patients with secondary malnutrition due to various causes such as organic or functional diseases together with other clinical departments.

(3) Conduct nutrition consultation for inpatients with high nutrition risk (blood tumors, severe congenital heart diseases, gastrointestinal malformations, short bowel syndrome, major surgical operations, medical and surgical critical illnesses, severe pancreatitis, chronic diarrhea, etc.), formulate reasonable nutrition plans and carry out nutrition management to promote recovery for patients .

(4) Open nutrition clinic to diagnose and treat children with malnutrition, stunted growth, weight loss, feeding difficulties and chronic diseases: obesity, diabetes, milk protein allergy, short bowel syndrome, dysphagia, and provide appropriate nutrition intervention and long-term nutrition follow-up in outpatient specialist clinic.

(5) Open a nutrition assessment room to carry out comprehensive nutrition assessment and nutrition education.

Professional Features

(1) Sequential nutritional therapy of chyloperitoneum in children with solid tumors during the perioperative period and dietary nutrition guidance during the chemotherapy period.

(2) Medical nutritional therapy for children with diabetes and diet and exercise therapy for obese children. Through reasonable diet nutrition and exercise prescription, the department aims to achieve the purpose of controlling blood sugar and reducing metabolic complications, and enhance the therapeutic effect of drugs.

(3) Long-term nutritional treatment and management for children with short-bowel syndrome and malnutrition caused by surgical procedures such as congenital megacolon, intestinal atresia, necrotizing enterocolitis, and esophageal atresia.

(4) Diagnose and treat malnutrition caused by various digestive tract diseases: chronic diarrhea, various food protein allergies, feeding difficulties, gastroesophageal reflux disease, malabsorption syndrome, pancreatitis, etc.

(5) Carry out enteral and parenteral nutrition therapy and monitor growth and development for children with complicated congenital heart diseases during perioperative period.

(6) Carry out individualized dietary prescriptions for children with special diseases (genetic metabolic diseases, chronic kidney diseases, brain retardation, congenital heart diseases, after intestinal surgeries).


(1) The department is the first in China to carry out nutritional risk screening of hospitalized children. Through independent research and development of “Clinical Nutrition Management System for Inpatients”, it provides standardized nutrition assessment, nutritional treatment and nutritional efficacy evaluation for high-risk hospitalized children to promote the rapid recovery of primary diseases, reduce the occurrence of complications and shorten the length of hospitalization.

(2) It carries out individualized enteral and parenteral nutrition treatment and long-term family nutrition management for children with short bowel syndrome and intestinal fistula, which have saved many children with short bowel syndrome.

(3) It opens a nutrition assessment room to conduct nutrition assessment and nutrition education for various diseases in a standardized and systematic manner to provide guarantee for individual nutrition interventions.

(4) It carries out dietary intervention for children with obesity and metabolic syndrome, through various forms of dietary education to control weight and reduce metabolic complications.

(5) It carries out family nutrition management of children with milk protein allergy, through diet avoidance and replacement therapy, and re-introduction of food according to stages, which not only cures the disease, but also ensures the normal growth and development of the children.

(6) As the director unit of Zhejiang Province Clinical Nutrition Specialist Union, it was awarded the titles of “Advanced Department of Parenteral Nutrition Work” and “Top Ten Nutrition Departments of Zhejiang Province” by Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Expert Team

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Ma Ming

Chief Physician