Ultrasound Department


Ultrasound Department in the hospital consists of an Ultrasonography, an ECG Laboratory, and an Electrocardiographic Room.

Ultrasonography: The department is a pediatric ultrasound professional team with high technical level, strong comprehensive business and dedicated service to patients, which integrates clinical, teaching and scientific research. There are 42 staff members in the department, including 2 chief physicians, 7 deputy chief physicians, 7 attending physicians, 19 residents, 2 nurses, and 5 medical secretaries, among which 2 are doctors and 29 masters. 

In recent years, the employees in the department have published 18 SCI papers, and more than 30 national-level journals and IMs. They have also undertaken a number of national key R & D sub-projects, and projects of Department of Science and Technology and Department of Public Health.

At present, the department is a standardized demonstration base for pediatric ultrasound in Zhejiang Province, a training base for pediatric medical staff, and a national standardized training base for resident doctors, holding national continuing education programs every year. The seven-step screening method for the congenital children put forward by the department has been applied in all maternity and child health centers in the province; and the original “Little Superman” training program has attracted 96 students from all over the country in 2019.

ECG Laboratory: At present, there are 11 staff members, 5 attending physicians, 1 supervisor technician, 1 resident physician, 1 nurse and 3 medical secretaries in this department and 4 of them have obtained master degrees.

Annual outpatient EEG examinations in the department amount to more than 30,000 cases, annual video EEG examinations amount to more than 8,000 cases, annual EMG examinations amount to more than 1,000 cases. As one of the well-known children's electrophysiology centers in China, staff in this department have published 2 SCI papers, 3 papers in national first-level journals and IM, and participated in several national and provincial key R & D projects in recent years.

Electrocardiographic Room: At present, there are 10 staff members in the department, including 1 attending physician, 2 chief technicians, 4 residents, and 3 medical secretaries, among which 2 are masters. With ECG network system covering the whole hospital, this department can perform real-time ECG inspection and transmission, and report transmission. It also has 1 monitor, 30 ambulatory electrocardiogram recorders, and 6 ambulatory blood pressure recorders. There are more than 120,000 routine ECG examinations and more than 5,000 ambulatory ECGs in this department every year.



(1)Routine items: pediatric cardiac ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, craniocerebral and superficial ultrasound;

(2)Intraoperative ultrasound, Bedside ultrasound in neonates and intensive care units (NICU \ PICU \ CICU \ SICU);

(3)Monitoring during transesophageal echocardiography, minimally invasive occlusion of defects, atrial septal defects and open arterial ducts;

(4)Pediatric Ultrasound Intervention Project: ultrasound-guided puncture biopsies (liver, kidney, tumor, thyroid, etc.), effusion catheter drainage, intramuscular puncture injection, and tumor ablation;

(5)Cardiac right heart angiography, transbladder reverse ultrasonography, visceral angiography, tumor angiography and cardiovascular angiography.

ECG Laboratory: REEG, penless EEG, brainstem auditory evoked potential, visual evoked potential, electromyogram, electroencephalogram, nerve conduction velocity.

Electrocardiographic Room:

(1)Routine electrocardiogram;

(2)Drug test, tilt test, late ventricular potential, 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram;

(3)24-hour ambulatory blood pressure;

(4)ECG monitoring and intracardiac manometry;

(5)Diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases such as urticaria, allergic purpura, eczema, dermatitis, asthma, rhinitis.

Professional Features

Ultrasonography currently has 6 professional groups, including difficult and complicated congenital diagnosis group, congenital minimally invasive intervention group, pediatric tumor group, pediatric urogenital group, pediatric interventional diagnosis and treatment group, pediatric superficial musculoskeletal group and pediatric severe group. This department has rich experience in diagnosis of congenital heart disease, various congenital malformations, pediatric emergency department, pediatric gastrointestinal diseases, sexual development abnormalities, pediatric tumors, pediatric intracranial lesions, hip dislocation, etc., reaching the domestic advanced level. It is the first department in China to begin transesophageal echocardiography and pediatric echocardiography, and has launched a variety of pediatric ultrasound intervention projects such as: thyroid puncture, lymphadenoma, and tumor ablation.

EEG room is useful for the diagnosis of diffuse or local brain damage, encephalitis, encephalopathy, epilepsy, etc.

Electrocardiographic Room has rich experience in the diagnosis of various arrhythmias in children, and it is especially valuable for the determination of arrhythmia with certain drugs and electrolyte disorders.


Ultrasound Department is consistent with the national pediatric key discipline level in the hospital in terms of ultrasound diagnosis of congenital heart disease, various congenital malformations, pediatric severe emergency and intracranial hemorrhage, reaching the domestic advanced level; EEG room is rich in diagnosis of epilepsy; Electrocardiographic Room has extensive experience in the diagnosis of various pediatric arrhythmias.

Ultrasound Department has published more than 40 papers in core journals in recent years, including 21 SCI papers and 30 IM and national first-level journals. It also undertakes a number of topics including national key R & D sub-projects, projects from the Science and Technology Department, the Department of Health, the Department of Education, and the Zhejiang Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Expert Team

No. Name Academic Rank


Ye Jingjing

Chief Physician


Jiang Guoping

Chief Physician


Yu Jing

Chief Physician

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