Blood Transfusion Department


As an important guarantee for clinical scientific, safe and effective use of blood, the Blood Transfusion Department is the vice-chairman unit of Clinical Blood Transfusion Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, the standing director unit of Zhejiang Blood Transfusion Association, and the member unit of Blood Transfusion Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Originated from the blood bank group founded in 1979, the department was established in 1992 due to the needs of the development of the hospital with 5 staff members.

In 2014, with the opening of the Binjiang Campus, the department was divided into two professional groups. Currently, there are 16 employees in the department, and it has realized unified and independent scheduling management between the two campuses. It mainly conducts pediatric-specific blood transfusion tests and blood gas tests, such as ABO and Rh blood group tests, irregular antibody screening, cross-matching, newborn hemolytic disease tests, difficult blood type serology tests, etc. In recent years, the annual consumption amount of clinical red blood cells has exceeded 11,000 units.


(1) Test items: ABO, Rh blood group detection, irregular antibody screening, cross-matching, neonatal hemolytic disease examination, difficult blood group serology test;

(2) Professional blood transfusion related diagnosis and treatment services;

(3) Blood gas analysis test.

Professional Features

Build a blood transfusion featuring pediatric specialty, especially laboratory tests of neonatal hemolytic disease, pediatric difficult blood type serology, and pediatric characteristic patient blood management, enjoying a certain reputation both inside and outside the province.


The department actively carried out pediatric blood transfusion research and foucused on pediatric perioperative blood management, pediatric severe trauma emergency blood management, premature infant neonatal blood management, children blood disease blood management, pediatric blood transfusion adverse reactions, pediatric blood transfusion and infection, pediatric difficult blood typing.

In the past 10 years, the department has published a total of 8 SCI papers and more than 40 other papers; chaired and participated in a number of research projects of the country and Zhejiang province, and won many awards. In 2016, it passed the accreditation of ISO15189 laboratory for blood transfusion testing, and the research in the field of pediatric blood transfusion testing was at a high level in China. In 2019, the Department has become one of the first provincial standardized training bases for blood transfusion practitioners in Zhejiang Province.

Expert Team

No. Name Academic Rank


Chen Xuejun

Chief Technician