Radiology Department


The Radiology Department is divided into two campuses (Binjiang Campus and Hubin Campus) with four departments: general X-ray, CT, MRI, and DSA, which are under unified management. The total number of general medical staff of the department in 2020 is around 93, including 36 doctors, 44 technicians, and 13 registration and nurses. Among all the staff, there are 5 seniors and 3 deputy seniors, 22 with postgraduate education, and 1 with doctoral degree. Among them, there are 37 acquired professional physician qualification certificates, 30 CT job certificates, 50 MRI job certificates, and 9 DSA technician job certificates.

The department will receive more than 500,000 patients in 2020 while the average daily consultation should be about 1600-1900 person-times, and the peak time can reach 2300 person-times. In 2019, the annual income in this department approach 95 million.


All organs in the whole body can receive the examination and treatment in the Radiology Department. The main inspection items are:

1. The digital X-ray camera

2. Spiral CT examination

3. MRI

4. Various types of gastrointestinal angiography

5. Intussusception air enema treatment

6. Interventional Therapy

7. Quantitative detection of bone density and body fat

8. Various types of dental examinations (dental cone beam CT, panoramic dental imaging, microfocus imaging)

Professional Features

In recent years, 200-300 interventional operations were completed by the Radiology Department for the new pediatric interventional treatment projects, including pediatric neurological intervention and hemangioma vascular malformation intervention. The diagnostic level of difficult pediatric cases is also at the leading level in the country. For example, CT / MR small intestinal water imaging has been carried out in cooperation with the Gastroenterology Department and General Surgery Department, and more than 500 cases were checked in it every year. The magnetic resonance diagnosis of children's pituitary hypothalamus has also been highly recognized by domestic counterparts. In addition, complicated functional magnetic resonance imaging and diagnostic work have also been obtained in the department, including more complicated magnetic resonance lymphatic imaging, neural root imaging, cardiac coronary magnetic resonance imaging and functional imaging, magnetic resonance perfusion and functional imaging of children were carried out. 


In the past 10 years, 15 SCI papers and more than 30 core Chinese journals have been published by the Radiology Department with the first author, among which the highest impact factor was 5.8. At present, there are 8 graduate students in the department who are actively conducting cooperative research projects with 4 professors from Zhejiang University, assisting them to successfully apply for two projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and one key R & D project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China. 

Each year, more than 30 people in the Radiology Department were arranged to participate in various national or provincial professional academic conferences, and received about 10 lectures or oral presentations, including the International Pediatric Interventional Radiology Conference, the Chinese Radiology Annual Conference, the Chinese Pediatric Radiology Conference, etc.

Expert Team

No. Name Academic Rank


Lai Can

Chief Physician


Zhou Yinbao

Chief Physician


Zhang Hongxi

Associate Chief Technician

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