Psychology Department


Psychology Department is the earliest professional department dedicated to the psychological behavior of children and adolescents in Zhejiang Province. After years of efforts, a professional team has been developed with a reputation in China,with rich clinical experience and advanced international diagnosis and treatment concepts. There are currently 3 chief physicians, 3 attending physicians, 2 specialized nurses, and 1 technician in the department.


(1) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), transient tic disorder;

(2) Learning disability, malfunction of children's learning ability;

(3) Behavior problem: nail biting, aggressive and destructive behavior, temper tantrums, oppositional defiance, peer social difficulties, school-weary, difficulty adapting;

(4) Autism (autism spectrum disorder);

(5) Emotional disorder: anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder;

(6) Language development: late speaking, not fluent, stuttering, slurred speech;

(7) Anorexia, sleep problems (difficulty falling asleep, nightmares, night terrors), etc.

Professional Features

(1) Unique diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): carry out parent training projects, children's social skills training, learning skills training, execute functional training projects, and apply artificial intelligence to assist in the diagnosis process.

(2) Cognitive behavior correction therapy, family system therapy, sand table game therapy, art therapy, group game therapy and EEG biofeedback treatment for children's behavior and emotional problems.



The diagnosis and curative effect evaluation of children with ADHD, learning difficulties, developmental problems and behavioral problems have reached the domestic advanced level.

Expert Team

No. Name Academic Rank


Li Rong

Chief Physician


Yang Rongwang

Chief Physician


Jiang Kewen

Chief Physician

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