Nursing Department


The nursing team of the Children's Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine is the largest pediatric nursing team in Zhejiang Province. It is an energetic team that can shoulder the responsibility for pediatric care, teaching, scientific research, emergency and critical children rescue. The nursing team is based on the National Clinical Research Center for Child Health and National Children's Regional Medical Center, adhering to the nursing core values of "Love, Supremacy, Liberal, Kindness" and taking care of every child with a professional attitude, "making children a better version of themselves".


First. Personnel Structure

The nursing team has a total of 1073 nursing staff, including 14 master degree holders, more than 50 postgraduates, 990 bachelor degree holders,69 junior college degree holders. 27 senior professional titles, 381 intermediate professional titles, and 4 master tutors are included.


Second. Works in Associations

The experts in the nursing team hold important positions in the Chinese Nursing Association, Chinese Medical Association, Zhejiang Nursing Association and serve as journal editors and reviewers in Chinese Journal of Nursing, Chinese Journal of Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, Chinese Journal of Modern Nursing, Nursing and Rehabilitation Journal.


Third. Development of Nursing Discipline

In recent years, the pediatric nursing discipline has developed very quickly. The Department of Nursing has successively established 13 nursing professional committees to promote the development of nursing discipline through continuous innovation and apply new nursing technologies to the clinical practices to benefit children, protect children's health, and actively carry out nursing research projects, share and promote quality pediatric care, and lead the development of pediatric nursing discipline.

 Specialized fields include pediatric intravenous infusion therapy, wound/stoma/incontinence management, pain management, public health emergency, health education, information management, nursing research, evidence-based nursing, nursing education, mental health counseling, Child Life program, nursing quality and safety management, male nurse working committee.

 In particular, the Pediatric Intravenous Infusion Therapy Committee has taken the lead in the country to carry out the clinical application of PICC in premature babies and critically ill children. The puncture technology and puncture level of PICC have reached the national leading level. It is the training base for national pediatric PICC operation and wound/stoma/incontinence professional committee with one full-time wound/stoma/incontinence specialized nurse and three part-time wound/stoma/incontinence specialized nurses. The first pediatric wound/stoma/incontinence care outpatient service in Zhejiang province was established, and new dressings and decompression tools have been continuously introduced for clinical and standardized use in recent years. Health Education Professional Committee was established, which is the first professional team to carry out intelligent online health education in China and has built a complete intelligent nursing health education system (including matching treatment with doctor orders, automatic push according to diagnostic courses, and outpatient and emergency health education platform), and continue to promote hospital care Health education quality control management.

 Child Life Professional Committee was established, which takes the lead in launching the Child Life (child medical counseling) project in China and has trained an internationally certified Child Life specialist nurse. The first  Child Life team was built in China. The team promoted the concepts and methods of Child Life in national continuing education classes and Pediatric Nursing Academic Annual Conference and achieved good social benefits.


Fourth. Nursing research and teaching

The nursing team undertakes more than 20 projects of department level and bureau-level each year. More than 20 SCI and Chinese-level (First level) papers, more than 50 core journal papers, and more than 10 utility model patents were published. The pediatric nursing books are officially published by the nursing team—Nursing Practice of Pediatric Intensive Care (People's Medical Publishing House), Practice of Pediatric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing Technical Operations and Risk Prevention (Zhejiang University Press), Pediatric Nursing Process and Emergency Plan, 36 Pediatric Nursing Technical Operations. National continuing nursing education courses are held annually, including the programs of "New advances in pediatric intravenous infusion and safety management", "New advances in neonatal care", "New advances in pediatric intensive care technology and nursing", "New advances in neonatal care", "New advances in pediatric emergency care", "New advances in pediatric emergency care", ”New Advances in Family-centered Nursing”, “New Advances in Pediatric Respiratory System Care”,” New Advances in Pediatric Nursing”, etc., which have promoted the exchange of nursing academics and the development of pediatric nursing in the whole province and even the whole country.

 As a teaching hospital, more than 500 interns from the nursing department of nearly 20 medical schools and more than 200 training nurses from the major hospitals across the country are trained every year. We also undertake the classroom teaching tasks of Pediatric Nursing. As an outstanding training base for specialized nurses and a clinical practice base for pediatric/neonatal specialized nurses of Chinese Nursing Association, the nursing team undertakes the training and teaching of domestic pediatric nursing specialists, especially pediatric intensive care and neonatal nursing specialists. The trainees are from more than 20 provinces and more than 60 medical institutions, improving pediatric care and clinical services.