Child Healthcare Department


Established in 1977, the Child Healthcare Department now has a team with strong overall technical strength. There are total 19 medical doctors, 6 nurses and 2 other professional staffs in the teamincluding 1 chief pediatrician and 1 chicf nurse, 4deputy chief pediatricians, 8attending pediatricians. Among them, 6 faculty havePh.D. degree.6 have study or resesrch experience in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other places.

The department undertakes professional guidance and training of children's health care in Zhejiang Province, public health tasks of children's health information management and children's preventive health care in Zhejiang Province, as well as teaching, scientific research and clinical medical tasks. Services will be provided for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to children's nutrition, physical growth and motor development, language, social emotion and behavioral development, diagnosis and treatment of environmental and genetic diseases, immunization consultation and children's health management.

Discipline adhering to the "scientific research leading innovation, health care and clinical combination" of the concept, scientific research into the health care technology ceaselessly, expand the connotation of the service, improve the professional technology and service quality, leading the development of the child care professional, dedicated to guarantee children's physical growth and sensorimotor, language, cognitive and social mood and so on various aspects get the best development potential.


(1)Nutrition Clinic: nutrition and feeding / feeding behavior assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up management of various nutritional diseases;

(2)Growth clinic: physical growth monitoring and evaluation, diagnosis, identification and treatment of abnormal physical growth and related diseases;

(3)Developmental Behavior Clinic: development monitoring, screening and evaluation of children's movement, language cognition and social emotions, identification, diagnosis, intervention and treatment of developmental disorders such as motor growth retardation, language development disorder, autism, mental retardation, learning difficulties, behavior problems, sleep problems, etc. Besides, there are language clinics and sleep clinics;

(4)Outpatient clinic for premature and high-risk children: post-discharge health care management for premature and high-risk children, including nutrition, feeding, growth and development monitoring, and guidance on nurturing and early development;

(5)Child health management: child health checkup and health management, establish a personalized whole-process health management plan, provide medical examinations and health guidance that are appropriate to the age of the child;

(6)Vaccination consultation clinic: vaccination consultation and evaluation for special children;

(7)Early diagnosis and intervention of genetic diseases: diagnosis, intervention and follow-up of chromosomal gene abnormal diseases such as Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, Fragile-X syndrome, etc.

(8)Breastfeeding consultation clinic: consultation, intervention and guidance on issues related to breastfeeding, including postpartum mother's breast problems and psychological support, etc.

Professional Features

The specialty of this major is the combination of health care and clinical, close contact with the grassroots children's health care system, pay attention to children's physical and mental health, and promote early childhood development. It innovatively expanded service content and opened child health management center and special clinics such as nutrition and growth, language development, sleep behavior, breastfeeding consultation, premature infant / high-risk infant follow-up, high-risk infant immunization consultation, etc., to provide a full range of services and guidance for the physical and mental health development of children.


This subject is a key medical discipline in Zhejiang Province, a national-level early childhood development demonstration base, and a national drug clinical trial base. The subject leader of the department is the chairman of the Children's Health Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Preventive Medicine Association, the chairman of the Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch of the Zhejiang Provincial Nutrition Society, and the vice chairman of the Maternal and Child Health Branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association.

In recent years, the department has undertaken a number of scientific research projects including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund, and the National 11th Five-Year Science and Technology Support Program, and participated in many national child health promotion projects such as national child nutrition and health monitoring, child obesity, lead poisoning monitoring interventions, management of floating children, and health management of premature children after discharge, project funding of which exceeded 20,000,000 yuan. Besides, it totally published more than 40 SCI papers.

It completed various child health promotion projects issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the administrative departments at all levels of the provincial department through the perfect child health system and scientific epidemiological research methods in Zhejiang Province; adopted advanced electrophysiological psychology and behavioral research methods to carry out research on nutrition, environmental factors and children's cognition and developmental behavior, and high-risk factors related to childhood autism, etc. and the research on nutrition and children's developmental behavior of the department reached the domestic leading position.

Expert Team

No. Name Academic Rank


Zhao Zhengyan

Chief Physician, Professor of Pediatrics, Doctoral Supervisor


Shao Jie

Chief Physician


Ye Fang

Chief Superintendent Nurse Master's Supervisor

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