ZCH Initiating Artificial Heart Transplant Program

03/03/2023 International Affairs Office

From October 27, approved by the ethics committee of the hospital, ZCH started to recruit volunteers for free artificial heart transplant, initiating artificial heart transplant program.

At present, about 40,000 young children are hospitalized every year due to heart failure in China. Some of them are critically ill and have reached the stage of end-stage heart failure, which is a death sentence for the heart. For children with end-stage heart failure, heart transplant is the only way to survive, but matching a right donors is very difficult. About 25% sick children die while waiting for donors. The invention of artificial heart brings hope of life to these children.

Over the years, artificial heart has experienced three generations of technological route evolution, innovation and development. The transplanted artificial heart can take over child’s heart to pump blood continuously and buy time for the child with end-stage heart failure. In addition, if the child’s heart rests enough and recovers in the future, the artificial heart device can be removed, eliminating the need for a heart transplant.

"Children are the hope of a family and the future of a country. The hospital has been practicing the tenet of 'for children's health' and is committed to helping every child grow up healthily through technical innovation." Shu Qiang, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, said.