My first Medical Mission to Namibia

08/06/2023 International Affairs Office

On May 29, as a medical professional in ultrasound medicine of Zhejiang Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, I was fortunate to join Zhejiang Medical Team to Namibia to participate in the "China-Africa Hand in Hand to Warm the Children's Heart" healthcare activity for African orphans.This special work experience, what I have seen and thought in Namibia, left me an unforgettable memory. 

With the great support from the hospital leadership and the International Affairs Office, we completed visa application and other logistics and boarded a flight to Namibia as scheduled on May 29, 2023.

After more than 20 hours, flying more than 10,000 kilometers, we finally landed in Windhoek. Due to the limitation of time, we have arranged the details of the free clinic activity and made full preparations as soon as possible.

On the international Children’s Day, we provided free medical examination for the orphans in Windhoek, Namibia in order to improve their health and well-being of children. In this free medical examination, the ultrasonic diagnostic machine, electrocardiogram instruments, artificial intelligence stethoscopes and other equipment used by the Zhejiang medical team are independently designed and developed in China. Good quality medical care with high-end instruments ensure the activity of "China and Africa work together to warm the hearts of children" efficient and productive. Everywhere we went, people spoke highly of Chinese doctors and their technologies. During the activity, we prepared candy, books, watercolor pens, small backpacks and other supplies to children as gifts of the Children’s Day. I felt that there was not much I could do but try my best to help them. May these children have a better future.

Although our visit to Namibia is quite short, only eight days, the Chinese medical team has been stationed in Africa for 60 years, providing assistance to the people of African countries with Chinese medical care, technology and equipment. They have set up a good image of Chinese doctors. I am really moved and admired from the bottom of my heart!