An Unforgettable Study Journey At Asia-Pacific International University

24/08/2023 International Affairs Office

Embarking on a study journey to Asia-Pacific International University under the invitation of Loma Linda University was an exhilarating experience for me, making it the best summer I have ever had.

Over the course of one month, our international cohort of students hailing from 15 different countries immersed ourselves in a dynamic learning environment. Interacting with peers from various cultures and backgrounds broadened our horizons and challenged our preconceived notions. Each day, we exchanged knowledge, shared traditions, and engage in thought-provoking discussions on healthcare practices and nursing education across different countries. This exposure expanded my understanding of global healthcare practices and deepened my perspective on the diverse healthcare challenges encountered in different regions. It was inspiring to witness how our differences united us in a shared pursuit of excellence in the fields of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, pharmacy, and health assessment.

The presence of esteemed professors from Loma Linda University elevated our educational journey. They are all PhDs in their respective fields of specialization with extensive clinical experiences. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise in nursing education enriched our understanding of multiple subjects and motivated us to excel in our studies. They always commit to ensuring that students had access to the learning resources and hands-on experiences to enhance nursing skills and knowledge. The interactive teaching methods and hands-on learning experiences allowed us to grasp concepts effectively and apply them practically. As a result of this infectious enthusiasm, my motivation to excel in my nursing studies soared. I found myself fully immersed in my coursework, seeking out additional learning opportunities related to nursing. The environment of passion and dedication inspired me to push my boundaries and strive for excellence in my academic pursuits. The faculty displayed a level of energy and dedication that was truly remarkable and inspired me to achieve the goal of becoming a nursing teacher like them.

In the pursuit of knowledge in obstetrics & gynecology, we were encouraged to actively participate in group discussions, sharing our experiences and insights in this field. The professors displayed an unwavering willingness to guide us in analyzing the challenges we may encounter in clinical practices and provided invaluable assistance in taking appropriate actions. These interactions not only strengthened our understanding of obstetrics & gynecology but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among us, creating a supportive and motivating learning environment.

For the learning of pediatrics, I am particularly enthusiastic about it because I am a pediatric nurse. The professors have employed an engaging and effective teaching method by presenting us with simulated cases that vividly depict scenarios involving newborns with heart and respiratory issues. Baby mannequins and AMBU bags are provided to us for practicing the skills of resuscitating newborns. Everyone joins in shouting the rhythm of "1, 2, 3 breathe" or "breathe 2, 3" while students conduct the practice sessions. The collaboration between the two professors teaching this subject has been outstanding. The use of case simulations has proven to be highly beneficial, as it bridges the gap between theory and real-life practice, preparing us to handle actual clinical situations with confidence.

In the field of pharmacy, the professor conducted classes through ZOOM, providing us with comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of medicine. She diligently explained the mechanisms of different medications, helped us recognize their potential adverse effects, and guided us in monitoring and observing patients while they were on these medications. Additionally, the professor emphasized the importance of patient education regarding the proper use and potential side effects of medications. Through the virtual classes on ZOOM, we were able to interact with the professor and fellow students, fostering a collaborative learning environment despite the distance. The professor's expertise and engaging teaching style made the complex concepts more accessible and understandable.

Advanced health assessment is a crucial subject for our clinical work, offering a comprehensive view of patient evaluation. The content has been organized into different sections, focusing on various human systems. Through the guidance of our professors, we were taught the techniques of health assessment, including visualization, palpation, auscultation, and percussion. By learning to assess different body systems, we gain a deeper understanding of our patient's health status and are better equipped to identify any potential abnormalities or concerns.

Moreover, other Chinese classmates also became like family to me. Living and studying together, we formed a strong bond that transcended cultural barriers. The sense of camaraderie we shared created a supportive and nurturing environment, allowing us to thrive in our studies without feeling lonely or homesick. Alongside these Chinese peers, I also had the pleasure of meeting a group of friends who were exceptionally kind, genuine, and lovely. Their sincerity and warmth made me feel like I was not in a foreign country at all. Saying goodbye to them was quite emotional, as their friendship had become an integral part of my study journey.

In conclusion, my study journey at Asia-Pacific International University, inspired by the invitation from Loma Linda University, has been a transformative experience. The faculty's strong energy and boundless passion for nursing education have not only impressed me but have also ignited a fire within me to become an exceptional nurse. I am grateful for the opportunities and inspiration provided by this remarkable institution and look forward to making a positive impact in the clinical nursing and nursing education fields.

Zheng Kun