The Project “Lin An” Launched for ZCH Patients

27/12/2023 International Affairs Office

When you come to the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZCH) from other cities to see a doctor, there is a free room saved for you to stay in Hangzhou! ZCH launched the Project “Lin An” in order to provide a temporary housing for those patients with congenital heart disease, malignant tumors, short bowel syndrome and other diseases who come from other cities and are struggling financially.


The free residential apartments are located in a community just a 5-minute walk from the hospital. It provides great convenience for patients and their families to see a doctor and receive the treatment. With the joint efforts of the Social Work Department of hospital, Qianchao community where the hospital is located and the Concentric Circles Foundation, this project was officially launched to facilitate the patient's treatment journey.


The patient and families from other cities who meet the criteria for selection will be provided with a bedroom and a shared living room and kitchen with the local community social work services for free. The feedback from the newly admitted patients and families has been excellent.

“Living in the apartment gives us a sense of home even far away from my homeland. We felt the love from the hospital, local community, and society during the course of my child’s treatment in Hangzhou,” one of parents said.


Fu Junfen, president of ZCH, said that patients who come to our hospital for seeking medical care from thousands of miles away, show a strong trust in our hospital and doctors. As a leading children’s hospital in China, providing best patient-family centered care for our kids is our optimal goal. This small and beautiful Project “Lin-An” is a useful attempt for our hospital to link the local community, governments, and social forces to help our patients and families.