2021 China-US Speech Pathology Academic Exchange Event was Successfully Held

20/09/2021 International Affairs Office

From September 13-14, the 2021 China-US speech pathology academic exchange event was successfully held online between two teams led by Professor Janine Benner, the Department of Speech Pathology of Loma Linda University and Dr. Li Haifeng, director of the Department of Rehabilitation of our hospital. 


Two Speech Pathology teams from Loma Linda University and our hospital have established solid relationship in the last 10 years of collaboration. A symposium is held annually targeting different topics. This is the ninth session, and the academic discussion has focused on the field of autism speech therapy and swallowing dysfunction. During the meeting, two complicated cases were discussed in-depth. Early interventions for children with severe autism and swallowing problems after brainstem tumor surgery were shared to change the patient outcomes.


Prof. Benner says, “ The regular exchange with Dr. Li and his team has provided our students with a cross-culture learning opportunities to observe the effectiveness of interventions for complex cases. It has fully demonstrated the theoretical and practical level in the field of autism spectrum disorders and dysphagia. ”


“We are strongly supported by the Speech Pathology team of Loma Linda University with cutting-edge intervention strategies and therapeutic concepts in speech pathology, which have benefited our patients greatly. We are looking forward to the tenth academic discussion next year.” Dr. Li remarks.