Conjoined Twins were Successfully Separated in ZCH

27/10/2022 International Affairs Office

"The operation was successful, the sisters have been successfully separated and both are safe!"

On October 26, ZCH created a miracle of life again, successfully carried out the separation operation for a pair of conjoined babies, from now on, the pair will start a new life of "you are you, I am me".

The operation started at 9 PM and ended at 11:20 PM with little bleeding, and both children keep their organs intact. After the wound recovered, the appearance of the abdomen will be almost no difference from that of ordinary children, said Dr. Tou Jinfa, Director of Pediatric & Neonatal Surgery Department.

Both children were sent to the intensive care unit for further treatment after the surgery. The medical team is optimistic about their future recovery: the elder sister is expected to be discharged soon; and the younger sister suffers from complex congenital heart disease, which will be treated by our experienced cardiac surgery team as soon as she stabilizes. After the separation surgery, two girls were able to lie flat on the back for the first time in their lives, and for the first time, their weight can be weighed accurately. The elder sister weighs 3.04kg and the younger one 2.3kg.

The conjoined twins were admitted to the hospital four days ago, the hospital organized a multidisciplinary team to tailor an optimal treatment plan for two babies. Dr. Shu Qiang, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital and Director of the Heart Center, presided over several consultation meetings with experts from the neonatal intensive care unit, neonatal surgery, cardiac surgery, anesthesiology department, special examination department, radiology department, nutrition department and other teams.

"Skillful medical interventions can change the course of a child’s life. Our hospital strives to provide best pediatric care for all sick children and families. The MDT team of our hospital successfully performed the operation to separate the conjoined twins, showing the overall strength of the hospital and the perfect cooperation between the various sub-specialties." Dr. Shu Qiang said.