A Painting Created by ZCH Appeared on the Cover of Pediatric Diabetes

16/11/2022 International Affairs Office

A New Year painting created by Professor Fu Junfen and her team has recently appeared on the cover of the journal Pediatric Diabetes. What's the story behind this Chinese children's painting?

It turned out to be a special issue of Pediatric Diabetes, a well-known journal of pediatric endocrinology, published in August 2022: "Pediatric Diabetes in China." Content and senior team about this issue both comes from China, a total of 9 representative article of this issue, focusing on the Chinese diabetes in children in the field of medicine and the research results.

The special issue started in November 2020. After more than two years of joint efforts, a total of 31 articles have been submitted. After expert review and peer review, a total of 9 research results have been included in the special issue. As a guest editor, Professor Fu Junfen not only participated in the whole process of soliciting contributions, reviewing and other aspects of the special China issue, but also was invited to participate in the design of the cover of the special issue.

"It is very meaningful to present a cover with a unique Chinese flavor designed by us in this special issue on China. Our hospital, together with the design team of China Academy of Fine Arts, creatively integrated the commonly used instruments in the treatment of children's diabetes, such as syringes, insulin pumps, etc. with the standards of ZCH and the Internet hospital into the full Chinese style New Year picture dolls, which perfectly fit and complement the Chinese theme of the special issue.”

Professor Fu Junfen said: "The official release of the special issue of China, on the one hand, it can be seen that Chinese scholars have made very meaningful research according to the national conditions and actual conditions. On the other hand, thanks to the efforts of the government, medical professionals and the participation of the Chinese public, many achievements have been made in the treatment of childhood diabetes in China. We hope that our special China issue can share these achievements and experience with international counterparts and increase their understanding of China."