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SCI Papers
First Author Corresponding Author Year Thesis Journal Volume number Issue Number Page Date Type ISSN IF(2018)
Li Huamei Shang Shiqiang 2019 Population screening and diagnostic strategies in screening family members of Wilson's disease patients Annals of Translational Medicine 7 Apr Review 2305-5839 3.689
Chun-zhen hua Mo Xi,Cao Qing, Tao yue 2019 Evaluation of the BioFire FilmArray Meningitis/encephalitis panel for the detection of bacteria and yeast in chinese children Annals of Translational Mwdicine 7 18 437 Sep Article 2305-5839 3.689
Shan, Yiming Guan Wenjun 2019 Genome mining and homologous comparison strategy for digging exporters contributing self-resistance in natamycin-producing Streptomyces strains. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 44174 Journal Article 1432-0614 3.67
Zhao Congying Gao Feng 2019 beta-Catenin Controls the Electrophysiologic Properties of Skeletal Muscle Cells by Regulating the alpha 2 Isoform of Na+/K+-ATPase Frontiers in Neuroscience 13 43684 Article 3.648
Ullah, Rahim Fu Junfen/Zhou, YD 2019 Postnatal Feeding with a Fat Rich Diet Induces Precocious Puberty Independent of Body Weight, Body Fat, and Leptin Levels in Female Mice FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY 10 758 43777 Article 1664-2392 3.634
Chen Wei Jiangminzu 2019 Analysis of risk factors and development of scoring system to predict severity of upper gastrointestinal bleeding in children Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 34 6 1035-1041 Jun Article 0815-9319 3.632
Li, Ling Li Xuekun 2019 Long Non-coding RNA in Neuronal Development and Neurological Disorders Frontiers in Genetics 9 43488 Review 1664-8021 3.517
Qi, Peng Sun Yu 2019 Effects of Rest-break on Mental Fatigue Recovery Determined by a Novel Temporal Brain Network Analysis of Dynamic Functional Connectivity. IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering : a publication of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 44148 Journal Article 1558-0210 3.478
Hu, Hui Chen Wei 2019 DRG-Derived Neural Progenitors Differentiate into Functional Enteric Neurons Following Transplantation in the Postnatal Colon Cell Transplantation 28 2 157-169 Feb Article 0963-6897 3.477
Yi, Qiuzi Cang Xiaohui 2019 Molecular dynamics simulations on apo ADP/ATP carrier shed new lights on the featured motif of the mitochondrial carriers Mitochondrion 47 94-102 Jul Article 1567-7249 3.449