Scientific Research Achievements

National Continuing Education Program
Item Number Project Project Leader Credit Department Time
2019-06-01-295 Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Children Gong Fngqi 10 Cardiology 2019-07-26至2019-07-28
2019-06-01-307 Diagnosis,treatment and immunoprophylaxis of infectious disease caused by common bacteria in Children Hua Chunzhen 8 Infections Department 2019-06-20至2019-06-22
2019-06-01-296 Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Kidney Disease Mao Jianhua 10 Nephrology 2019-04-10至2019-04-14
2019-14-04-030 The Latest Advances in Intravenous Infusion Therapy and Safety Management in Children Lou Xiaofang 10 Nursing Department 2019-04-25至2019-04-28
2019-06-01-297 Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic, immunologic and allergic diseases in children. Lu Meiping 8 Rheumatology 2019-05-24至2019-05-26
2019-06-04-080 Pediatric ECMO program and critical care Lin Ru 10 Extracorporeal Life Support 2019-11-14至2019-11-17
2019-06-01-300 Progress in diagnosis and treatment of critical illness in children Zhang Chenmei 10 PICU 2019-11-14至2019-11-17
2019-06-01-096 Pediatric digestive diseases and new technologies for diagnosis and treatment Jiang Mizu 10 Gastroenterology 2019-09-06至2019-09-08
2019-07-01-244 Progress in diagnosis and treatment of otorhinolaryngological disease in children; Fu Yong 10 ENT 2019-11-22至2019-11-24
2019-06-04-083 New advances in the diagnosis and treatment of childhren with hematology-oncology diseases Tang Yongmin 10 Hematology 2019-06-14至2019-06-16