Be Brave and Shave

16/05/2022 International Affairs Office

Recently, Bian Rui, a nurse from the Department of Oncology Surgery at Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, has made headlines in major media and become a veritable Internet celebrity nationwide.

Why did she have her long hair cut? Now she has neat short hair and a tomboy look. What’s going on?

In last August, Bian Rui became a new employee of the hospital and a nurse in the Department of Oncology Surgery. Due to the complication of chemotherapy treatment, patients with cancer will lose their hair rapidly. A young patient joked to Bian Rui and said, “I have no hair at all!” This is a seven-year-old girl who not only no hair, even brows, her eyelashes have fallen out. “I was very sad and distressed to hear this sentence.” At that moment, she had the idea of shaving herself bald. So she had her long hair cut off, shaved it into the same bald head as the children in the ward. She wanted to tell the children that “bald heads can also be cute!”After that, when she returned to work, her recognition suddenly became higher. People in the entire ward knew her and everyone called her “bald nurse” or “short-haired nurse”. Bian Rui also shortened the distance with the patient because of this new hairstyle.

Witnessing the fragility and impermanence of life, Bian Rui said that she would like to send messages to sick children. We are together, we are resilient. We overcome, no matter the situation. I am here to help them beat cancer.