An International Case Conference with Boston Children’s Hospital Successfully Held

21/12/2020 International Affairs Office

On December 8, 2020, the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine signed a collaborative agreement with Boston Children’s Hospital to provide, complicated pediatric cases in our hospital the opportunity to access international patient care case conference and the second opinion services from the experts of BCH based on the needs of our inpatients. Professor Junfen Fu, Executive Vice President of the hospital, and Cynthia Haines, Senior Vice President of BCH Networks signed the agreement.

One week later, on December 16, the Hematology & Oncology team of the two hospitals carried out the first video patient care case conference after signing the agreement. In the first video conference, Professor Fu and Ms. Haines expressed good wishes for the collaborations between two hospitals. Subsequently, Professor Tang Yongmin, the academic leader of the hospital’s Hematology& Oncology Department, and his team members had a constructive discussion with Professor Leslie Lehmann, Clinical Director of BCH’s Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Center about a complicated case, and reached a consensus on the patient’s treatment plan.