An Online Conference with LLUH Held for the Establishment of Child Life Training Base at ZUCH

09/04/2021 International Affairs Office

At 7:30 am on April 1, an online conference on Child Life was jointly organized by the hospital and Child Life team of Loma Linda University in the United States. Participants included Fu Junfen, the Executive Vice President, nursing team leaders, a child life specialist Wu Xiaohua and other related staff of ZUCH. Prof. Michelle Minyard-Widmann, Program Director, Assistant Professor & Associate Chair of Child Life Specialist Program and Prof. Alisha Saavedra, Co-Chair for the ACLP Internship Accreditation Oversite Committee and for the Practicum Task Force, Clinical Coordinator/Assistant Professor of Child Life Specialist Program from LLUH, were invited to participate in the conference. The two parties had a lively discussion on the future development project of Child Life in the hospital, including building a Child Life international training base, developing Child Life training course, and setting the criteria of localized practice, etc.

 “Child life service at our hospital has shown strong evidence to reduce children’s emotional distress and help them cope with medical experiences, which perfectly matches our hospital mission for the health of children. I hope that the Child Life and nursing team of our hospital can better develop child life program and make it benefit all sick children across the country.” Dr. Fu Junfen said.