The Dream Comes True at Hospital

18/11/2021 International Affairs Office

Wearing specially-made firefighter uniform and sitting in a ladder truck as if he was on duty, Xuan Xuan(pseudonym of the boy)finally had the chance of a lifetime to experience what a typical day was like for a fireman. Xuan Xuan is a seven years old boy who was diagnosed with leukemia in July 2020, and has since been hospitalized at the Children’s Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine.


Listening to stories is Xuan Xuan’s favorite thing to do during the hospital stay. Among all these stories, he was most interested in the stories of firefighters, hence, he had a dream of becoming a firefighter in the future. 

“Xuan Xuan may never be a firefighter because of his physical condition, but we still hope that his dream will come true someday while Xuan Xuan is receiving the treatment.” Xuan Xuan's mother said when she dropped the application letter into the “Wish Mailbox” placed in the Hematology&Oncology Department.


With the support of the Hematology&Oncology team in ZUCH, Wish Guardian Charity Foundation and Puyan Fire and Rescue Station, Xuan Xuan’s dream of being a fireman came true. On November 12, a Friday morning, Xuan Xuan arrived at the fire station. Following the instructions of a fire commander, Xuan Xuan changed his outfit. The fire offices helped Xuan Xuan know fire equipment, taught him how to use a fire extinguisher and to experience what is like to ride a fire truck. At last, the little boy successfully carried out a fire drill with the help of firefighters. While doing all these different things, the boy, who was shy at first, gradually became more active and lively during the visit.


After back to the ZUCH, Xuan Xuan’s mother showed sincerely gratitude to the staff of hospital and the fire station, “I am very grateful to the doctors and nurses in the Hematology&Oncology Department for caring my son’s well-being. I am so touched, you are just like our friends and even families. Thank you very much for helping Xuan Xuan realize his dream.”